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If your lodge was constructed to trendy standards, ask your architect what they had been and put it up in your ORS. For instance, as a substitute of simply labeling your room as “accessible,” determine it as “accessible .” Also, point out if movable options like beds provide clear floor house and establish basic accessibility options. Your visitors with disabilities should know this– and you may save your maintenance people from rearranging furnishings at 12a when your disabled visitor checks in after that lengthy flight. The first downside is that travelers have no way of understanding how a lodge intended to use the word “accessible” when describing a resort room on its web site. For occasion, if a hotel ORS merely states that a bedroom is “accessible,” does that basically mean that it conformed with the 1991 Standards?

Legal Update

A better rule by the Department of Justice would have given better steerage. They ought to have required lodge to specify which accessibility standards an “accessible” room complied with. Second, they should require that moveable options (e.g. beds) include extra detailed accessibility descriptions. And third, they need to present some assurance that alterations or renovations met current accessibility guidelines.

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